Mikko Uuksulaisen kotisivu


Alta löydät videoita vuosien varrelta erilaisista projekteista. Videot olivat aikaisemmin Youtubessa omalla kanavallani.

C# + SFML Platformer test

Just early test of my platformer.

C# + SFML Platformer Test 2

Second test of my platformer, now with working camera and collectable items!

Desperate Tomato - C# + SFML Platformer Test

Third video of my upcoming platformer game, Desperate Tomato. Now game has working level and weapon system!

MSP430 Car

Finally it's alive! It took it's time, but now it's complete. This car drives around the path with it's three light sensors and two motors. I could have improved the design to make it drive around without sensors using only memory, but I was too unmotivated. God I was happy when it drove it's first round! Launchpad: http://goo.gl/Etn0M

Time to Detonate - First peak

Upcoming game.

Tomb Raider 2 on PS3

My Tomb Raider (PAL) works from burned copy (on REBUG 4.81.2 firmware) but Tomb Raider 2 (PAL) does not. By performing disk swap trick described in here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyNI0t2g3lE I managed to boot TR2 just fine.

Wemos D1 mini controlled remote control - Theory works

Wemos D1 mini controlled remote control - Trying with real remote